The Miss Indian Arizona Association is comprised of a variety of individuals, including former title holders, as well as community members with a genuine interest in promoting, presenting and facilitating the Miss Indian Arizona Scholarship Program.

Miss Indian Arizona Association Members

Yvonne Schaaf, President
Daris Laffoon, Vice-President
Denise Homer, Executive Director
Veronica L. Homer, Historian
Ruth Bohnee
Tara Kitcheyan
Vicki Laffoon
Dwayne Lopez
Anseenia Shirley
Lorraine Shirley
Angelica Lopez
Patty Bohnee


Dorine Andrews
Sweetie Cody
Emerald Craig
Kahara Hodges
T.J. Laffoon
Matilda Lopez
JoAnn Lupe
Ernestina Guevara
Debbie Manuel
Esther Moyah
Jaymee Moore
Petra Reyes
Ansonia Shirley


Michael Schaaf


Anthony Moya

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